Lailakame Lyrics: Lailakame Song from Ezra is sung by Haricharan and composed by Rahul Raj starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand.

Song: Lailakame
Movie: Ezra (2017)
Singer(s): Haricharan
Music: Rahul Raj
Lyrics: Harinarayanan BK
Star Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand
Lailakame Song Lyrics

Paadunnu priya raagangal
Chiri maayathe nagaram
Thedunnu puthu theerangal
Kothi theerathe hridayam
Kannetha doorathe
Kanchimmum deepangal
Naam kanda swapnangal pol..

Lailakame.. poo choodumoo..
Vida vaangumee raathrithan vaathilil
Aakashame neer peyyumo
Pranayardram ee shakhiyil

Manassin shila thalam
Mazha pol punarnnu nee
Oro mounangalum
Pakalin varanthayil
Veyilaai alanjithaa
Thammil cherunnu naam
Thaloodu men alakal
Kulirorma than viralaai
Thudarunnu oree..

Lailakame.. poo choodumoo..
Vida vaangumee raathrithan vaathilil

Paadunnu priya raagangal
Chiri maayathe nagaram
Thedunnu puthu theerangal
Kothi theerathe hridayam
Kannetha doorathe
Kanchimmum deepangal
Naam kanda swapnangal pol..

Lailakame.. poo choodumoo..
Vida vaangumee raathrithan vaathilil
Aakashame neer peyyumo
Pranayardram ee shakhiyil

Lailakame Music Video

Ezra is a 2017 Indian Malayalam-language supernatural horror thriller drama film written and directed by Jay K. starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas, Sujith Shankar, Vijayaraghavan Pillai, and Sudev Nair in the leading roles. Principal photography began in late June 2016. Major filming locations were Fort Cochin and Sri Lanka. The movie grossed ₹41 crores at the box office.

The film opens with the death of the last Malabar Jew in Cochin. An antique seller steals antique items including a strange-looking box with Jewish inscriptions from the Jew’s house. An unseen force from the box mauls and kills a worker in his shop at night. A.C.P Shafeer Ahammed (Tovino Thomas) is assigned the case but is unable to reach a lead.

Ranjan Mathew (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a nuclear waste management specialist based in Mumbai, is transferred to Kochi with his wife Priya Raghuram (Priya Anand). Being both a Marathi and a Malayali, Priya finds it hard to adjust to the shift from Mumbai to Kerala. On a retail therapy, Priya buys the strange box from the antique shop. Upon opening it, paranormal experiences begin.

Ranjan’s uncle Father Samuel (Vijayaraghavan), who had looked after Ranjan as an orphan, is invited to Ranjan’s house. Samuel feels that something is amiss and he tells Ranjan that the box from the antique shop is a Dybbuk box, with the name “Abraham Ezra” written on it in Hebrew. At his behest, Ranjan finds more about the Dybbuk from Rabbi David Benyamin (Babu Antony) in Mumbai. He tells Ranjan that the Dybbuk only possesses people with mental stability or children under 3 years, and whoever exorcises the Dybbuk becomes its worst enemy. The next day, Rabbi Benyamin dies and Ranjan learns that Priya is pregnant and realizes his child will be possessed by the dybbuk. Ranjan requests Rabbi Benyamin’s son, Rabbi Marques (Sujith Shankar) for help. Marques arrives in Kochi and finds the Dybbuk is named Abraham Ezra.

Ranjan and Marques find an ex-Jew named Joshua Yehudi, a former friend of Marques’ father, and get a historical book from him, which reveals the story of Abraham Ezra in 1941 in Thiru-Kochi. The film moves to the historical era, where a rich Jewish boy Abraham Ezra (Sudev Nair), and a poor Christian girl Rosy (Ann Sheetal) fall in love during Ezra’s visits to Thiru Kochi, and eventually Rosy becomes pregnant. Rosy is not able to tell Ezra that she is pregnant. Ezra’s father Yakoob Ezra refuses to let him marry Rosy since she is not a jew. Rosy does not reveal Ezra is her unborn child’s father. Months later, depressed Ezra writes to Rosy telling her to end the relationship, and Rosy commits suicide. Rosy’s father finds Ezra’s letter and he with the villagers confronts the father-son duo when they arrive in Thiru Kochi. In the ensuing scrimmage, he is killed and Ezra is left paralyzed. When the doctors said that Ezra will be in this state for the rest of his life, Yakoob decides to take revenge on the town using black magic. He euthanizes and puts his son’s soul into a Dybbuk box, which on opening will release Ezra’s spirit that will possess and destroy. A wooden dummy is buried in place of Ezra’s body. Yakoob takes the corpse and dumps it in the sea. Thus is created the Dybbuk box which eventually finds its way to Ranjan.

The story comes back to Ranjan. Marques and Samuel take Shafeer into confidence, both confirm that Abraham Ezra’s story is true by exhuming the wooden mannequin.

The film then takes a twist when it is revealed that it is not Priya, but Ranjan who has now been possessed by the spirit when Ranjan would be searching for Priya one night. Fr. Samuel tells them that Ranjan, as an orphan had mental problems. Hence he was probably vulnerable to the Dybbuk. It is understood that the spirit left Priya and possessed Ranjan when it noted that Ranjan handles Nuclear waste and he could be controlled into using that to destroy the city. At last, Ranjan is exorcised and the dybbuk is sent back into the box by Marques, using Jewish exorcism rituals. The box is then taken to the ocean by Marques and Shafeer and dumped, just as Ezra’s body was disposed of.

Later, Priya gives birth to a healthy baby and she and Ranjan share the news with Marques. In a mid-credit scene, the Dybbuk box is found by two young men along the seashore. They carry it away, planning to open it.

Directed by

Jay.k (as Jayakrishnan)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Manu Gopal (co-writer)
Jai Krishna (writer)

Cast (in credits order)

Prithviraj Sukumaran Prithviraj Sukumaran Ranjan Mathew
Priya Anand Priya Anand Priya Raghuram
Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas Shafeer Ahammed
Sujith Sankar Sujith Sankar Rabbi Markes
Vijayaraghavan Vijayaraghavan Fr. Samuel
Sudev Nair Sudev Nair Abraham Ezra
Bharat Dabholkar Bharat Dabholkar Yakoob Ezra
Ann Sheetal Ann Sheetal Rosy
Babu Antony Babu Antony Rabbi David Benyamin
Prathap Pothen Prathap Pothen Col. Nambiar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Manikandan R. Achari Manikandan R. Achari Man at the Corniche (Cameo) (as Manikandan)
Chandradasan Chandradasan Priest
Thara Kalyan Thara Kalyan Priya’s Mother
Alencier Ley Lopez Alencier Ley Lopez Moosa
Reina Maria Reina Maria Lekha
Sandeep Narayan Sandeep Narayan Friend
Pranay Ranjan Pranay Ranjan Pra Ranjan
Rajesh Sharma Rajesh Sharma Sebastian
Indrajith Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran Narrator (voice) (as Indrajith)
Balu Varghese Balu Varghese Man at the Corniche (Cameo)

Produced by

A.V. Anoop co-producer
Prasanthkumar Chandran line producer
Mukesh R. Mehta producer
C.V. Sarathi producer

Music by

Rahul Raj (music)
Sushin Shyam (background music)

Cinematography by

Sujith Vasudev

Film Editing by

Vivek Harshan
Ishan Kalra

Production Design by

Ratheesh U.K.

Art Direction by

Gokul Das

Costume Design by

Stephy Zaviour

Makeup Department

Roshan G. make up

Production Management

Benny Kattappana production controller
Manish Rukmani Sharma line production manager (as Manish Sharma)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Cylex Abraham chief associate director
Ninad Kulkarni trainee assistant director: Pune schedule
Prashant chief associate director
Akhil Vidhyadhar first assistant director

Sound Department

Bigyna Dahal sound editor
Nabapan Deka foley record & edit
Shijomon George sound editor
Anish John sound designer
Rajakrishnan M.R. sound mixer (as Rajakrishnan)
Mohammad Iqbal Paratwada foley artist
Ghatam Siva premix engineer

Visual Effects by

Shruti Banta digital compositor
Lavan Kushan vfx
Jayadev Tiruveaipati digital intermediate colourist
Sharvari Watak Head Of Production: Digital intermediate


Miracle Michael action director

Editorial Department

Abhishek Ayyanoth assistant editor
Rajiv Manahalli digital intermediate conformist: Baselight
Prakash Perumal digital intermediate Conformist
Bavan Sreekumar promo editor

Music Department

Anvar Ali lyricist (as Anwar Ali)
Sachin Balu playback singer
Haricharan playback singer
Hari Narayanan lyricist
Vipin Ravindran playback singer (as Vipin Raveendran)
Vinayak Sasikumar lyricist

Additional Crew

Premlal finance controller
Anand Rajendran poster design
Vivek Ranjit subtitler