Yaara Lyrics from the Punjabi movie ‘Jalwayu Enclave’ featuring Monica Sharma, Gurjazz is a good song, and it has luscious orals by Gurjazz. The irresistible lyrics of the Yaara warble are given by Harinder Kaur. Dj Strings is the instrumentalist of YAARA’s cuddlesome music. The well-formed music video of the limerick is controlled by Thaparr. JALWAYU ENCLAVE PUNJABI MOVIE · YAARA FULL SONG LYRICS Make sure to check Yaara Song Lyrics that Gurjazz winningly sung and are featured in the Jalwayu Enclave film of Gurjazz , Monica Sharma . Harinder Kaur has drafted down the Yaara Punjabi lyrics and Thaparr

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