Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai Vandhale Lyrics from Karthi’s film “Paiyaa” are sung by Haricharan & Tanvi. Here you can read the English translation of the track lyrics that the lyrics writer Na Muthukumar has scripted. Check out, the meaning of Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai Song Lyrics.

Song Name: Thuli Thuli (Tamil)
Album/Movie: Paiyaa (2010)
Singer(s): Haricharan, Tanvi
Lyrics Writer(s): Na. Muthukumar
Music Director(s): Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director: N. Linguswamy
Actor(s): Karthi, Tamannaah


Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhayai Vandhale,
Suda Suda Suda Maraindhe Ponale,
Parthal Parka Thondrum, Perai Ketka Thondrum,
Poopol Sirikum Podhu Katrai Parandhida Thondrum,She came like a raindrop, and vanished into thin air.
When I see her, I like to see her always.
I feel like asking her name.
When she smiles like a flower, I feel like flying in the air.Sel Sel Avalidam Sel Endre Kalgal Solludhada,
Sol Sol Avalidam Sol Endre Nenjam Kolludhada,
Azhagai Manadhai Parithuvitale,

Go. Go to her. My legs are pestering me.
Tell her. Tell her. My heart is ordering me.
She has charmed my heart with her beauty.

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhayai Vandhale Eh,
Suda Suda Suda Maraindhe Ponale Eh,

English Meaning…

She came down like a drop of rain and disappeared into thin air.
When I see her, I always like to see her.

Devadhai Aval Oru Devadhai,
Azhagiya Poomugam Kanave Ayul Than Podhumo,
Katrile Avaladhu Vasanai,
Avalidam Yosannai Ketuthan Pookalum Pookumo,Angel! She’s an angel.
Is my life enough to see her beautiful face?
Air is filled with her fragrance.
Do flowers seek her advice to bloom?Netri Mela Otraimudi Adum Podhu,
Nenjukulale Minnal Pookum Parvai Alai Thookum,
Kanam Parthal Muthangalal Theenda Thondrum,
Padham Rendu Parkum Podhu Golusai Marathondrum,

A strand of hair on her forehead creates lightning in my heart.
Her eyes can make flowers bloom.
I wish to kiss her soft cheeks.
I wish to be her anklets on seeing her beautiful feet.

Azhagai Manadhai Parithuvitale,
Sel Sel Avalidam Sel Endre Kalgal Solludhada,
Sol Sol Avalidam Sol Endre Nenjam Kolludhada,

She charmed my heart with her elegance.
Go. Go. Go back to her. My legs are harassing me.
Tell her that. Tell her that. My heart is in charge of me.

Salayil Azhagiya Mazhayil,
Avaludan Pogave Yenguven Thozgalil Sayuven,
Boomiyil Vizhugira Velayil,
Nizhalayum Odipoi Yendhuven Nenjile Thanguven,

On the road. On enchanting evenings,
I wish to walk with her. Resting on her shoulders.
When falling on the ground.
I’ll rush to hold her shadow too and carry it on my heart.

Kanum Podhe Kanal Yennai Katti Potal,
Kayamindri Vetti Potal Uyirai Edho Seidhal,
Mounamaga Ullukule Pesum Podhum,
Ange Vandhu Ottu Ketal Kanvil Koochal Potal,

She arrested me at first sight.
She cut me up without any injury. She has done something to me.
When I speak to me, she eavesdropped there also.
She shouted at me in a dream also.

Azhagai Manadhai Parithuvitale,
Sel Sel Avalidam Sel Endre Kalgal Solludhada,
Sol Sol Avalidam Sol Endre Nenjam Kolludhada,

She has charmed my heart with her beauty.
Go. Go to her. My legs are pestering me.
Tell her. Tell her. My heart is ordering me.

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhayai Vandhale,
Suda Suda Suda Maraindhe Ponale,

She came like a raindrop and vanished into thin air.
When I see her, I like to see her always.

Shiva is a young, carefree, unemployed man staying in bangalore. He has a loyal group of friends including his best friend, Priya with whom he shares his feelings. His friends are determined to get him a job. One day he sees a young, beautiful woman named Charulatha, who is also looking for a job. Shiva is immediately attracted to her. He subsequently spots Charulatha on various occasions and follows her, but loses sight of her each time. He even misses a job interview Priya has arranged for him.

Later, as Shiva waits at the railway station to pick up a friend and owner of the Mitsubishi lancer Shiva and his friends use, he is confronted by a tense Charulatha, accompanied by her uncle. They assume that Shiva is a cab driver and ask him to take them to Chennai. An excited Shiva accepts the offer and takes them. While stopping to refuel the car, Charulatha suddenly requests Shiva to drive on, leaving her uncle behind; Shiva does as she wishes and takes off. She first asks Shiva to drop her at the airport, but she misses the flight, and later at a railway station, she is unable to go by train. So, she asks Shiva if he will take her to Mumbai by car.

Shiva instantly agrees and drives her to Mumbai. Shiva tries to get into a conversation with Charulatha. She initially refuses to talk, but eventually gives in and tells him about her background. It comes to light that Charulatha’s mother, who had always supported her daughter, died after a violent altercation with her father; since then her father has tried to force Charulatha to marry an unknown man of his choice. Not willing to bow to her father’s wishes, she had escaped from home but was later found by her father’s business partner, Jayaraman, her supposed uncle. He was about to take her to register the marriage arranged by her father when Charulatha tried to escape, leaving him behind at the filling station. Now she wants to head to Mumbai to stay at her grandmother’s home.

However, she is being followed by a gang, led by a furious-speaking lady. Shiva manages to lose the pursuers and decides to change the route to avoid the gang, but encounters a second gang. He realizes that this gang is not following Charulatha, but himself, as they are the henchmen of a Mumbai-based gangster Baali. He recalls an incident that happened some years ago in Mumbai when he stayed there at his friend Poochi’s house. He had beaten one of Baali’s men, who had attacked him, and later Baali himself, not knowing about him and his reputation in the city, and returned to Bangalore. Both gangs are following the couple to achieve their own ends. After reaching Mumbai and experiencing a series of events, they end up at Poochi’s house. Poochi finds out where the grandmother lives and Shiva brings Charulatha there. Shiva, unable to bear the thought that the journey is complete, leaves silently only to find Charulatha on the road. After hesitating, she reveals that her relatives had spoken ill about her parents, which prompted her to leave, not wanting to push the matter further. While in a state of doubt, they are attacked by Baali’s gang, who have teamed up with Jayaraman.

Shiva saves Charulatha from the clutches of the goons by single-handedly overpowering them. While on their way back to Bangalore, his friends arrive. Priya, whom Shiva has called often, tells Charulatha of his feelings for her. Charulatha reciprocates Shiva’s love, as she too has fallen for him during the journey, thus both unite.

Directed by

N. Linguswamy

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

N. Linguswamy
Brindha Sarathy (dialogue)

Cast (in credits order)

Karthi Karthi Shiva
Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia Charulatha
Milind Soman Milind Soman Baali
Jagan Jagan Poochi (as Jagan Ayan)
Omar Lateef Omar Lateef Shiva’s friend
Sonia Sonia Priya
Arpit Ranka Arpit Ranka Supporting Role
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
A.R. Manikandan A.R. Manikandan Panbeeda shop

Produced by

N. Linguswamy producer
N. Subash Chandrabose producer (as N. Subash Chandra Bose)

Music by

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography by

Madhie (as Madhi)

Film Editing by


Art Direction by


Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Ritesh mohanty first assistant director
Vijay third assistant director

Sound Department

Alagiakoothan foley editor / sound effects editor
Geeta Gurappa audiography / sound designer (as M. Gita Gurappa)
Nagavenkatakumar sound effects editor
Ramji Soma mix engineer / re-recording mixer

Visual Effects by

Thulasi Ram visual effects supervisor
Saravanan Shanmugam visual effects supervisor


Kanal Kannan stunts

Editorial Department

N.P.K. Gokul assistant editor
Rajasekaran.Ks digital intermediate colorist

Music Department

Haricharan playback singer
Na. Muthukumar lyricist
Rahul Nambiar playback singer
Yuvan Shankar Raja playback singer
Saindhavi playback singer
Ramji Soma soundtrack mixing engineer