Starlight Lyrics by Dave is latest English song with music also given by JAE5 & Dave. Starlight song lyrics are written by Dave.

Starlight Lyrics - Dave

Starlight Song Detail

Song Name: Starlight
Singer: Dave
Composer: JAE5, Dave
Lyrics by: Dave

Starlight Lyrics


Trends, spin through cinema
I think I found my princess, my empress still gonna impress
I know them man talk on the kid, but
It’s hard to hate on the truth I’m livin’
Enough man hate with the lies instead
Countin’ cash with the phone to my ear
I feel like meek on the private jet
Life or death, fire vibe, eyes, thighs, potential wifey
In the street, respected highly, in the street, protected
Any girl that I’m datin’ knows, bags that I buy come filled with fifties
She a ten out of tеn on a bad day, public affection, I tell her, “Comе kiss me”
I like mine obsessed, clingy
If she don’t miss me, miss me
If she don’t miss me, history
If she don’t miss me, it’s a mystery
G17 in the party, tipsy
Don’t drink, that’s risky
Focus, shells gonna land like disney
I’ll put him down under, sydney
That’s bae, I’ll donate both my kidneys
True love, what the kid needs
And a girl from the westest indies
I know them man talk talk and the kid but..

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