Get ready to relive the timeless love story of “Gadar” with its sequel “Gadar 2: The Katha Continues” (2023 Hindi)! We have a collection of meticulously translated song lyrics, composed by Uttam Singh, that carry forward the legacy of the original film. The tracks expertly weave themes of love, sacrifice, and family through their melodies, from the soulful “Tere Bina” to the patriotic “Jai Hind”. Experience the film’s narrative through the music and immerse yourself in the world of Tara Singh and his family.

Gadar 2: Songs Lyrics & Translations (2023 Hindi) for the Epic Sequel

Dil Jhoom Lyrics Translation — Gadar 2 | Arijit SinghDil Jhoom Lyrics Translation — Gadar 2 | Arijit Singh

Dil Jhoom – Arijit Singh

“Dil Jhoom,” also known as “Dil Jhoom Jhoom Jaye,” is a melodic masterpiece that encapsulates the es…

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Sura Soi Lyrics [Meaning]: Gadar 2 | Sukhwinder SinghSura Soi Lyrics [Meaning]: Gadar 2 | Sukhwinder Singh

Sura Soi – Sukhwinder Singh

“Sura Soi,” also known as “Purja Purja Kat Mare,” is a musical masterpiece that echoes the profound…

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