Uyire Song Lyrics In English

Uyire Kavarum Uyire Pole
Enthaanu Nee Enthaanu Aa Kaathal Mazhayaa
Cherum Aaraanu Nee Aaraaru
Thanuvil Cherum Aaraanu Nee Araanu
Uyare Chirako Raavin Nilavo Thaaril
Madhuvo Kaanaa Kanavo
Nee Kannod Kannod Kannoramaay
Kaathod Kaathod Kaathoramaay
Nenchod Nenchod Nenchoramaay Nilaye
Nee Thoraathe Thoraathe Theeraatheyaay
Maayaathe Maayaathe Maayaatheyaay
Ennaalum Ennaalum Ennaalamaay Padaru

Uyire Uyirin Uyare Moodum Theeyaanu
Nee Theeyaanu Kaathal Kanalaayakame
Neeyeekum Novaanu Nee Novaanu
Neeyen Nizhalaay Vaazhvin Nadiyaay
Njaanen Arike Ninne Thiraye

Nee Kannod Kannod Kannoramaay
Kaathod Kaathod Kaathoramaay
Nenchod Nenchod Nenchoramaay Nilaye
Nee Thoraathe Thoraathe Theeraatheyaay
Maayaathe Maayaathe Maayaatheyaay
Ennaalum Ennaalum Ennaalamaay Padaru

Directed by

Basil Joseph (creative director)
Anand Menon (directed by)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Anand Menon (written by)



Basil Joseph Basil Joseph Venkidi
Neeraj Madhav Neeraj Madhav Gautham
Devi Ajith Devi Ajith Sreelekha
Rahul Pillai Rahul Pillai Nair-Drama
Renji Panicker Renji Panicker Ramachandran
Hareesh Kanaran Hareesh Kanaan Basheer
Punya Elizabeth Punya Elizabeth Kalyani
Biju Sopanam Biju Sopanam Shibu Ashan
Valsala Menon Valsala Menon Muthassi
Harish Pengan Harish Pengan Anirudhan
Dundhu Ranjeev Radha Dundhu Ranjeev Radha Interviewer (as Dundhu Renjeev)
Suryadev Sajeesh Marar Suryadev Sajeesh Marar Young Gauthaman(6 years)
Sanjay K. Nair Sanjay K. Nair Relative 2(Family Function)
Agil Vinayak Agil Vinayak Driving Student 1
Nadiya Nadiya Nimmy
Vasudev Sajeesh Marar Vasudev Sajeesh Marar Young Gauthaman(10 years)
Achuthanandan Achuthanandan Hotel Owner-Munnar
Sumi Sumi Nurse
Swadhiq Raheem Swadhiq Raheem Alby
Binoy Binoy Tea Seller
Evil Varghese Evil Varghese Tender Coconut Seller
Vivek Vivek Driving Student 2
Shaji Shaji Car Driver(Village)
Vipin Mararikkulam Vipin Mararikkulam Relative 1(Family Function)
Babu Babu Babu
Swetha Dhanesh Swetha Dhanesh Baby’s Mother(Family Function)
Joseph Mathew Joseph Mathew Photographer(Family Function)
Nandhan Edappally Nandhan Edappally Resident’s Association Member 2
Anand Menon Anand Menon Nimmy’s Boy Friend
Meenakshi Meenakshi Radha
Dhanesh Naduvalliyil Dhanesh Naduvalliyil Baby’s Father(Family Function)
Liji Sivaprakash Liji Sivaprakash Venkidi’s Mother
Krishnendhu Krishnendhu Kichu
Ajeesh Kumar Ajeesh Kumar Newspaper Boy
Suhail Saay Mohammed Suhail Saay Mohammed Showroom Executive
Madhav Krishna Madhav Krishna Gauthaman’s Childhood Friend
Prajodh Kalabhavan Prajodh Kalabhavan Dundhu Francis(si)
Prajeesh Prabhasan Prajeesh Prabhasan Resident’s Association Member 1
Joemonjyothir Joemonjyothir Guy In Accident Scene
Ajith Ajith Alby’s Father
Syamkumar Em Syamkumar Em Prakashan (Family Function)
Vani Varmma Vani Varmma Sreeleksha’s Friend
Vishnu Govind Vishnu Govind Sambath Annan
Mubeena Mubeena Basheer’s Wife
Sabu Sabu Thief In Hospital
Ayushi Saneesh Ayushi Saneesh Baby (Family Function)
Prince Karuthedan Prince Karuthedan Taxi Driver(Munnar)

Produced by

Bineesh Chandran executive producer
K.G. Anil Kumar producer

Music by

Ankit Menon

Cinematography by

Vishnu Sharma

Film Editing by

Appu N. Bhattathiri

Costume Design by

Soorya Sekhar

Makeup Department

Hassan Vandoor make up

Production Management

Binu Murali production controller

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Dipil Dev associate director
Binu G. Nair chief assistant director

Sound Department

Tony Babu sound designer


Mafia Sasi stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

Rahul M. Sathyan still photographer

Editorial Department

Manmadan Aravind associate editor
Shamal Chacko associate editor
Shaijas K.M. assistant editor
Vinayak Sreenivasan assistant editor
Vishnu Venkitesh assistant editor

Music Department

Anuraj O.B. title song
Vinayak Sasikumar lyricist

Additional Crew

Athira Diljith p. r. o.

UYIRE |Video Song Ft .Sid Sriram | Gauthamante Radham

Gauthaman narrates his story of learning driving and how he handled the difficulties that came across his life.

The movie starts with young Gauthaman rotating the wheel of a bicycle as he is very much interested in vehicles. Gauthaman’s grandmother whom he lovingly calls Muthassi saw him most of the time spending with the toy cars and his father’s cycle. Gauthaman’s father Ramachandran is a very kind and compassionate person who is ready to fulfil all the wishes of his son. But Muthassi is the only one who encourages Gauthaman to take initiative to drive vehicles. As a result his confidence level raise. They move from their village to Cochin City.

Years passed. On Gauthaman’s 18th birthday, he spends most of the time arguing with his grandmother on simple issues but both share a strong bond. Muthassi took classes for neighbouring children based on Puraanam (myth). Gauthaman is always against her old beliefs. Ramachandran compels him to take a driving license and hearing this Gauthaman gets excited at the top level as it was his dream for years. Shibu Ashaan is assigned to teach him driving. He is a strict as well as a funny teacher. Gauthaman finds a great personality on him on the first day of learning. Gauthaman drives well as a result without any issues. But one time hits a car while taking reverse. However his determination and courage resulted him a driving license. His family is extremely happy and his father decides to buy a car as he feels his cycle cannot always fulfil their family needs. Gauthaman selected Mitsubishi Lancer and his family agrees to it. Muthassi gives Gauthaman some money in advance.

Gauthaman is now waiting anxiously for a car to arrive in his house. However on the day the car arrived, Gauthaman was as expected not happy, but instead gloomy as he got a small car and not the one he selected. He argues with the whole family to take back the car. But Ramachandran consoles him that Shibu Ashaan suggested the small car. Gauthaman came to know that Shibu Ashaan cheated him forgetting the credit he gave his teacher in the day of getting license. Muthassi takes care of the vehicle and names it ‘Nanappan’. However Gauthaman is still not satisfied. His family shows the pride of it in the society. All plans to go for a long ride on Kunjoottan after spoiling his personal activities. Gauthaman’s relatives tease him of buying a small low rated car. Gauthaman is angry on his family now. Soon, Gauthaman and his friends take the car to Munnar where they decide to trash and destroy it. However, this changes as Gauthaman tells them to stop. Once he returns back home the next day, his father asks him to run a small errand. In the process of it, a biker Kalyani breaks the mirror. Venki gets mad and they crash the car into her.