Get ready to buckle up and experience an exhilarating journey with the explosive music of “Fighter” (2024 Hindi)! Delve deeper into the heart-pumping action and breathtaking visuals with our exclusive collection of songs lyrics, carefully translated to English. The brilliant Siddharth Anand and the musical geniuses Vishal-Shekhar have crafted each track to perfection, immersing you into the film’s narrative and taking you on a thrilling ride. With adrenaline-fueled anthems like “Aasman Ne Di Hai Zindagi” capturing the exhilaration of flight, and soul-stirring ballads like “Main Hoon Fighter” embodying the characters’ unyielding resolve, the music sets the perfect tone for this epic tale of aerial combat and daring missions. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to soar to new heights with “Fighter” (2024 Hindi)!

Hrithik Roshan Soars! “Fighter” (2024 Hindi) Songs Lyrics & Translations

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