Eurovision Lyrics by Central Cee ft. Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22 & Freeze Corleone is latest English song with music also given by Flem, Young Chencs & NKO. Eurovision song lyrics are written by Central Cee, Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22 & Freeze Corleone.

Eurovision Lyrics - Central Cee

Eurovision Song Detail

Song Name: Eurovision
Singer: Central Cee, Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone
Composer: Flem, Young Chencs, NKO
Lyrics by: Central Cee, Rondodasosa, Baby Gang, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone

Eurovision Lyrics


You are now listening to young chencs)
(S/o le flem)
(Yo, lil b, is nko on beat)
Dice, ala, mira, l
Ekip, ekip
Yo, tell ’em central cee
Don’t get captcha
I come straight from italy
I’m from arab, click-clack
I still gotta take calculated risk

Yo, I come straight from italy (ah)
Where your body dissolve in acid (rondo)
My girl is hot like takis, no party, I’m rich, no lackin’
Se parli di drill in italia non ho rivali, non siamo uguali
Ho un cuore d’oro ma spero che I miei opps muoiano tutti quanti
Mafia talk, for sure (for sure), I’m richer than all of my opps
Why they ban me from my city? (ah), I’m just tryna do my job
Pull uppo sul tuo blocco, trapping, la tua hoe sa tutti I miei versi
Lurking, twerking, squirtin’, ah, solo per una birkin

I’m from arab, click-clack, mio kalash, big booty è haram
Big money so halal, street boy, montana
One, one glock ti spara, one shot, impara
Bad bi**h mi ama, bad boy mi chiama, ah (ah, chiama, ah)
Vit, vit, chop, chop
Già l’ho messo in culo alla trap-trap, tu l’hai messo in culo al tuo cap-cap
Dov’è la tua gang-gang? Vieni che ti faccio comе: “Clap, clap”
Non fanno entrare baby gang-gang, conto mila fax-fax
Scappo dalla pula come lag lag, faccio fuori tutti con la mac-mac
Tu ti sеnti pac-pac perchè hai una bandana e sei black-black
Non vuol dire che ora siete “Pow, pow” (pow, pow) (brrah)

I still gotta take calculated risks (alright)
Been six months, she’s waitin’ to f**k
I had to put gyal on a waitin’ list
The paigons doin’ up fan behaviour
My name don’t stop comin’ out of their lips
Why they love sayin’ that they’re outside?
I swear that they’re not comin’ out of their cribs
These kids keep tryna get under my skin
I’m tryna get money and stay out the way
Lowkey, but I’m stuck in the public eye
Last year I was sat in a pub with white
This year I made more than enough from rhymes
Made more than enough, I can quit right now (right now)
It’s time that I put on the guys
Feels a bit weird to put on my ice
Can’t wait ’til the whole of the gang ‘dem shine, hm

Big ting on my waist (big one)
Come like I popped a viagra
You-you don’t wanna fall, niagara
The blue phone’s hot, so we’re talkin’ patois
Came in like a rapture, wa-wake up and smell the coffee
In deep where the water choppy
Chopper on me when I try go colly
Don’t talk (talk), just listen
Bring it to your door, jehovah witness
Bro, should’ve put a hole in his wiggin’
I couldn’t care less, the world keep spinnin’
Loose lips could’ve got man nicked
Look, how many shops we missed, pissed (pissed)
I took an l when I shot that vid
The smell when I put that zip stinks (dice, ala, mira, l)

Y vamo’ a buscarte, tú eras un equipo de primera
Primera parte, con tu cabeza, goles a madera
Me gustaría verte y ver cómo tu grupo se altera
Verte y saber cómo era’, un pastilla de los parguela’
Los yonqui’ aparte y la l juega siempre primero
No comparte’, loco, tú eres un embustero
Me gusta verte y verías como una voz te susurra
Ladras como una perra, boca habla, luego se cierra

Yo no tengo beef si llaman otro diciendo que quieren arreglar
En proble—, en problema’ costa, pero me quieren, soy neymar
Y tiro siempre a posta, pero si aprieto, pide el var (var)
Poli, que no investiguen, que ahora quiero solo cantar
Yo tell ’em central cee, “I’m the one that got the party lit”
Su novia moviendo to’ su key, me dice que le gusto, soy king
No-no intente’ ser así, yo te freno en el patín
Y luego en persona siente’ el ki, empieza a decir que no e’ pa ti

J’ai tout mis dans la crypto’ (pah), y a trop de chevaux fiscaux (pah, pah)
Il m’faut le pied gauche à robben et la droite de klitschko (pah)
J’ai zéro, zéro police, dans mon entourage, y a zéro police
J’suis avec mon frères, des potos solides
Tout pour acheter comme au monopoly
Tout pour la familia, ici, nous, on connait l’omerta
J’charbonne pendant qu’les commères parlent
On se couche toujours à l’heure où nos mères taffent
J’suis à 160, j’suis dans l’gtd, j’vais pas vendre mon âme pour quelques cd
J’pull up à londres pour marquer l’europe avec une frappe à la trezeguet (ekip)

Ta-tati, cali, ça cons’ d’italie jusqu’à niarry-tally (han)
J’suis koulibaly, t’es adil rami (eh), très loin d’eux comme si j’habite bali, péta*se
On mange pas d’rosette, on allume le frozen, grosse arbalète, s/o oz
Ra-rap français, il a des mst, 20-22, que des crypto’ et des nft
Me-metaverse, j’coffre des decentraland
Envoie la prod, elle s’fait descendre à londres
Parle-moi cash pour parler dans ma langue
Insha’allah, bientôt j’pull up au bled dans la land
L’instru’ j’l’éclate à la batte, de l’effet j’en mets v’là à la balle
Faut quatre fois l’salaire à alaba, 2k22, ça pète comme à jalalabad

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