If you’re having trouble understanding the song “Chale Jaana Phir,” AKA “Humko Tere Bina Jeena Toh Sikha,” we’ve got you covered. Rahul Mishra’s music is a depressing Hindi love ballad that explores the confusion and despair of unexpected separation. We’ve translated the lyrics in-depth so you can better understand the emotional complexities of the song.

Chale Jaana Phir (Humko Tere Bina) Lyrics Meaning Rahul MishraChale Jaana Phir (Humko Tere Bina) Lyrics Meaning Rahul Mishra
Song Credits
Title Chale Jaana Phir (humko Tere Bina)
Singer(s) Rahul Mishra
Lyrics Writer(s) Kunaal Vermaa
Composer(s) Denny

The Humko Tere Bina Jeena Toh Sikha song’s poignant lyrics unpack the emotional landscape of a lost love. Our translation unlocks the raw emotions of the singer’s plea to learn to live without their love. The melancholy melody mirrors the song’s theme, while the accompanying music video showcases the singer’s emotional journey. Discover how music and visuals intertwine to amplify the song’s message through our comprehensive translation.

Chale Jaana Phir (Humko Tere Bina) Lyrics Meaning in English: Rahul Mishra

Tere Mere Yun Beech Mein, Kahan Se Aa Gaya Yeh Jahan,
Between you and me, where did the planet originate from?
Poochhe Bina Mujhse Agar, Tu Le Chuka Hai Faisla,
Have you made a choice without asking me?

Kabhi Na Aana Bhale Dobara Magar…
You do not need to return again, however…
Humko Tere Bina Jeena Toh Sikha,
Please teach me to survive without you.

Chale Jana Phir Hai Jana Jahan,
Then you may leave and go anywhere you want.
Thodi Der Pehle Tu Mera Hi Toh Tha, Toh Phir Ab Kyun Mera Nahi,
I can’t help but wonder why you’re not with me anymore after only a few moments ago you were.

Aisa Kya Hua Jo Badal Gaya Tu, Kyun Mujhpe Bharosa Nahi,
What caused you to change and lose faith in me?
Zamana Poochhega Humse Bahana Kya Banayenge,
When people ask about you, what excuse can I possibly give?

Chhupa Le Aansoo Nahi Hai Itna Hunar
I’m not skilled at hiding my emotions, especially my tears.
Humko Tere Bina Jeena Toh Sikha,
Can you teach me how to move forward without you…

Chale Jana Phir Hai Jana Jahan,
before you leave to go wherever you’d like?
Humko Sikha Ke Chale Jana Jeena, Jeena Sikha Ke Chale Jana,
Please show me the way to live without you, and then you’re free to leave.

Chale Jaana Phir (humko Tere Bina) Music Video

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