Bin Tere Lyrics Translation in English: A Melodic Ode to Love and Longing with Tanishk Bagchi and Zahrah S Khan”: Bin Tere is a beautiful love song sung by Tanishk Bagchi and Zahrah S Khan. The song is about the deep longing for companionship and connection that resides within every heart. It was written by Mayur Puri and composed by Tanishk Bagchi. The music video features Rakulpreet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani and was created as their wedding song.

Bin Tere Lyrics (Translation) Tanishk BagchiBin Tere Lyrics (Translation) Tanishk Bagchi

The song “Bin Tere” portrays a feeling of emptiness that arises when we miss someone we love. The lyrics with translation express deep longing and emotional vulnerability, and are accompanied by harmonious singing from Romy. The absence of a loved one can make the beauty of dawn and dusk seem dull.

Bin Tere Lyrics (Translation) – Tanishk Bagchi | Zahrah S Khan | Romy

Bin Tere Sham Kya Bin Tere Kya Subha Hai,
I cannot find any significance in either morning or evening without you.
Tere Bin Mera Kya Hai Ho Tere Bin Mera Kya Hai,
I cannot fathom a life without you by my side.

Tu Gale Se Lagale Bas Mujhe Ek Bari,
I long for just one embrace from you—to feel your arms around me.
Phir Bhale Azam Ale Aasman,
Then you will understand the depth of my love for you.

Kulli Rah Vich Payi Asa Tere Ke Aunda Janda Takada Ravi,
I’ve built a slum in your route so you can watch me as you pass.
Tere Bin Hun Jee Na Pawa Dil Ye Kehnda Ye,
My heart tells me that I cannot exist without you.

Me Jagato Jag Mere To Aukha Renda Ye,
No matter where you are in the world, I will always be by your side.
Oh Mahi Tenu Jag Se Lena Ki Oh Mahi Tenu Mere Sang Rehna Ji,
My love, the only thing that matters is spending our lives together, without regard for the world.

Oh Mahi Mera Tuhi Jag Sara,
My dear, you are my entire world.
Oh Mahi Tenu Takate Rahan Ji,
My dear, I wish to keep gazing at you always, for you are the hope of my life.
Kulli Rah Vich Payi Asa Tere Ke Aunda Janda Takada Ravi,
I’ve built a slum in your route so you can watch me as you pass.

Bin Tere Music Video

The music video ‘Bin Tere,’ directed by The Wedding Fimer, perfectly complements the song’s emotional depth and portrays the complexities of love through the performances of Rakulpreet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani. The video is a heartfelt tribute to the universal experience of yearning and devotion.

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