Subhanallah Song lyrics

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko tarashe
Meri nazar se tu zara haay re
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaun main zara haay re
Ek ankahi si dastaan dastaan
Kehne lagega aaina
Subhanallah ah ah ah..

Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua

Meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se tarife bun lena
Haan meri khamoshi se baatein chun lena
Unki dori se tarife bun lena

Kal nahi the jo aaj lagti hoon
Taarif meri hai khamah khan
Tohfa hai tera meri adaah

Ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukare
Meri zubaan se tu zara haay re
Tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai
Tujhko sunaun main zara haay re
Ye do dilon ka vaasta vaasta
Khulke batayaa jaaye na

Subhanallah ah ah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua..

Subhanallah ah ah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua..

Subhanallah ah ah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafaa hai
Wallah aisa hua..

Subhanallah ah ah..
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafha hai
Wallah aisa hua...

Subhanallah Music Video

Naina Talwar is a medical student absorbed in her studies. She tops her classes but feels like an outcast due to her introverted nature. An encounter with an old classmate, Aditi Mehra, makes her realize that she wants more from life than high marks. Thus, she makes an impulsive decision to follow Aditi on a hiking trip into the Himalayas, up to Manali. During the hike, she renews her friendship with other former classmates, Bunny/Kabir Thapar and Avi/Avinash Arora. Bunny is a charmer whose dream is to wander and discover the world and has no interest in ever settling down.

Throughout the trek, Bunny and Naina grow closer. One night, the two climb a mountain, and Naina sees a new side of Bunny, causing her to grow feelings for him. Meanwhile, Aditi grows jealous of Preeti, one of their acquaintances, as Avi flirts with her a lot. Bunny and Naina realize that Aditi has feelings for Avi, but keep quiet. At the end of the trip, Naina is close to telling Bunny that she has feelings for him, but is interrupted by Avi who reveals Bunny was accepted into the graduate school of journalism at northwestern university in Chicago. Naina realizes that love and marriage have no part in Bunny’s plans and remains silent but is happy for him as he is following his passion.

Eight years later, Naina has finished medical school and is now working in a clinic. Bunny works as a videographer for a travel show on Fox network and travels the world as he had always wanted. He receives an offer to become a host for a new travel show, which he accepts. He also receives a wedding invitation from Aditi – she is marrying a man named Taran Khanna. Bunny arrives and while the girls are happy to see him, Avi isn’t. It is revealed that Bunny’s father has died and as Bunny was in a remote area, he was not able to attend his last rites.

Naina’s feelings for Bunny grow once more, and Bunny finds himself falling in love with her too. Naina, however, doesn’t want to get her heartbroken again. Bunny sees Naina with another man, Naina’s friend, and feels jealous, causing Bunny and Naina to argue before kissing. They admit they have feelings for one another but neither is willing to give up a career to follow the other. Naina says she is happy in India and doesn’t want to leave whereas Bunny wants to see the world. Bunny also confronts Aditi about her crush on Avi but she says that she has gotten over him and is happy with Taran.

On the night of Aditi’s wedding, Bunny leaves for Paris. At the airport, he realizes what he is leaving behind and instead goes to his home, where he reconciles with his stepmother. On New Year’s Eve, Naina, alone at home, receives a surprise visit from Bunny. He explains he has turned down his dream job to be with her, and proposes, but Naina fears that he might regret his decision later. Bunny counters that he is happy with her and wants to continue traveling, but with her, arguing that somehow they can make a life together. Naina agrees, and they have a conference call with Aditi and Avi. They all wish each other Happy New Year and the film ends with Bunny and Naina embracing.



Cast overview, first billed only:
Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor Kabir Thapar AKA Bunny
Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone Naina Talwar
Aditya Roy Kapoor Aditya Roy Kapoor Avi
Kalki Koechlin Kalki Koechlin Aditi
Kunaal Roy Kapur Kunaal Roy Kapur Taran
Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit Mohini
Farooq Shaikh Farooq Shaikh Mr. Thapar
Aanoushka Aanoushka Rashmi
Kamal Adib Kamal Adib Aditi’s Dad
Dolly Ahluwalia Dolly Ahluwalia Mrs. Talwar
Vinita Amar Vinita Amar Taran’s Mom
Anisha Anisha Plump girl
Tanvi Azmi Tanvi Azmi Stepmother
Priyanka Bose Priyanka Bose Sex Worker
Anisa Butt Anisa Butt Preeti