Akaleyo… nee Akaleyo…

vidatharathenthe poyi nee…

oru vaakkinumakale nee

enkilum arikil njaan innum
maruvaakkinu kothiyumay
nilkkayaanu piriyaathe.

Azhake vaa arike vaa…

Malare vaa thirike vaa.
Akaleyo… nee Akaleyo…
vidatharathenthe poyi nee…

Ethrayo janmamay nin

mukhamithu thedi njaan
enteyay theernnanaal,
naam thangalil onaayi

Ennumen koodeyay en nizhalathupole nee
neengave nedi njaan en jeevithasayoojyam
sakhi ninmozhi oruvari
paadi pranayithagaanam
ini enthinu veroru mazhayude sangeetham

Azhake vaa arike vaa…

Malare vaa thirike vaa.

Illa njaan nin mukham…
en manassithil illathe
illa njaan ninswaram
en kaathukal nirayathe…
enthino, poyi nee, annoru mozhi mindathe
innumen, nombaram nee kaanuvathillenno
kali cholliya kiliude
mounam karalinu novaay…
vida cholliya manassukal
idarukayay mookam

Azhake vaa arike vaa…

Malare vaa thirike vaa…
Akaleyo… nee Akaleyo…
vidatharathenthe poyi nee…

oru vaakkinumakale nee

enkilum arikil njaan innum
maruvaakkinu kothiyumay
nilkayaanu piriyaathe.
Azhake vaa arike vaa…
Malare vaa thirike vaa…
Malare vaa thirike vaa…

Malare vaa… thirike vaa…


IG (Inspector General) Chandrasekhar, a senior IPS officer, (Mohanlal) is the head of the newly created Metro Crime Stopper Cell in Kochi. Chandrasekhar arrests Jerome, a psychologically deviant man and rescues three girls he had kidnapped, but his ex-wife Deepthi (Priyamani), who is a lawyer, manages to get Jerome sent to treatment in a psychiatric facility, rather than a prison sentence. It turns out that the three girls had been mocking Jerome, which had led to his actions of kidnapping them in the first place.

Chandrasekhar gets a congratulatory note from an anonymous man calling himself “Z” who challenges Chandrasekhar to figure out how he is going to bump off one target after the other. Chandrasekhar is forced to investigate a string of murders: coffee shop owner Alice (Fathima Babu), famous singer Beena Thomson (Roma Asrani) and leading businesswoman Chandrika Narayanan (Seetha). These murders follow a mysterious alphabetical pattern, and each victim also has a cross slit on their forehead. Around the same time, Chandrasekhar’s daughter is preparing for a play under the lead of famous actor Mark Roshan (Arjun Nandakumar).

Chandrasekhar divorced three years earlier because Chandrasekhar discovered that Deepthi was using information from Chandrasekhar for professional gain. Deepthi confesses to Chandrasekhar that the three recently murdered women were all involved in the murder of a man named Paul Mathew and made it look like a suicide. Chandrasekhar realizes that Deepthi is the next target and comes with her to their daughter’s play where they meet a religious fanatic named Victor Rosetti (Babu Antony) who had been present in all three crime scenes, disguised as a salesman, and has been stalking Deepthi. The recurring theme of chess is obvious in the game between Chandrashekhar and the unknown Mr. Z.

Chandrashekhar understands that there is a mastermind behind Victor Rosetti and decides to play a ‘queen’s gambit’ in his own words. Chandrasekhar finally manages to corner Victor on the rooftop of a theater, Victor commits suicide by falling off the rooftop to the pavement. Then, Chandrasekhar questions Dr. Jacob and says that he has evidence that he is the killer of the three women, in a ploy to mislead the real killer. He has his men protect his daughter but lets his wife into the school where the play was held. The real murderer comes in, attempting to strangle Deepthi with a red scarf. Fortunately, Chandrasekhar stops him and then finally corners the real murderer on the stage. The murder turns out to be none other than Mark himself, who is then revealed by Chandrashekhar to be Paul Mathew’s younger brother, his real name being Roshan Mathew.

Mark confesses that he has held a grudge against the women for his brother’s death, which Chandrashekhar had already known. Then, Mark also confessed that, disguised as a priest, he manipulated Victor, a schizophrenic patient, into believing that he had committed the murders himself. He had planned for Victor to commit the final murder on Deepthi during the play, but attempted to use the scenery of the fight between Chandrasekhar and Victor to complete his plan. In a last-minute attempt to avenge his brother, Mark tries to jump from the stage to murder Deepthi with a dagger, but is shot to death by Chandrasekhar, thus saving Deepthi’s life. The film then ends with Chandrasekhar and Deepthi, along with their daughter, finally together again in their house.

Directed by

B. Unnikrishnan

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

B. Unnikrishnan

Cast (in credits order)

Mohanlal Mohanlal Chandrashekhar
Priyamani Priyamani Adv. Deepthi Chandrashekhar
Babu Antony Babu Antony Victor Rosetti
Arjun Nandakumar Arjun Nandakumar Mark Roshan aka Roshan Matthew
Anoop Menon Anoop Menon Dr. Jacob Varghese
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roma Asrani Roma Asrani Beena Thomson
Devan Devan Additional Director General of Police
Riyaz Khan Riyaz Khan Jerome
Mithra Kurian Mithra Kurian Bindya Matthew
Manikuttan Manikuttan Eby Kuriakose
Ambika Mohan Ambika Mohan Chandrasekhar’s mother
Rajshri Nair Rajshri Nair Susan
Narain Narain Kishore (as Narein)
Seetha Seetha Chandrika
Siddique Siddique Paul Matthew
Jagathi Sreekumar Jagathi Sreekumar Rashid
Sreelekshmi Sreelekshmi Dakshayini Chandrasekhar

Produced by

Siddharth Roy Kapur producer
Ronnie Screwvala producer

Music by

Deepak Dev

Cinematography by

Vinod Illampally

Film Editing by


Production Management

Preejith Balan associate manager: operations
Shah Naimish syndication servicing and operations senior manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Anuraj Manohar assistant director

Sound Department

Rajakrishnan audiographer
Mesmin Santhosh pre-mix engineer (as Mesmin Santosh)
P.C. Vishnu assistant: sound editor / pre-mix engineer

Additional Crew

Prakash Nathan marketing: distribution & syndication
Gaurav Verma Head Of Distribution